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A bit about myself

I'm currently a D.Phil. student in Astrophysics at the University of Oxford. Supervised on my thesis by Julien Devriendt and Adrianne Slyz, I investigate the puzzling standing questions regarding magnetic fields in, and around galaxies. I am funded by a Hintze Scholarship awarded by the Oxford Hintze Centre for Astrophysical Surveys.

My research employs my newly generated state-of-the-art cosmological magneto-hydrodynamical simulations. The physics employed aim to capture the most relevant processes in the formation and evolution of galaxies.


I am interested in understanding what is the origin of magnetic fields in galaxies and the cosmos, and how these magnetic fields intervene in turn the birth and growth of galaxies. I am also interested in the role played by cosmic rays in galaxy evolution.

If you are interested in having me around to give a talk (scientific or outreach), please don't doubt to drop me an email. I'd love to pay a visit and chat about science in general.




The origin of galactic and extragalactic magnetic fields
The impact of magnetic fields in galaxies


New ICs for MHD cosmological simulations

Hintze scholar

Department of Physics

Christ Church College

University of Oxford

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