Peer-reviewed publications

Link to my publications on ADS: here

Main publications:

Martin-Alvarez et al. in prep - Towards convergence of the turbulent dynamo in cosmological simulations of galaxies.

Attia et al. in press - Cosmological Magnetogenesis: The Biermann Battery during the Epoch of Reionization.
Katz & Martin-Alvarez, et al. submitted - Introducing SPHINX-MHD: The Impact of Primordial Magnetic Fields on the First Galaxies, Reionization, and the Global 21cm Signal.

Martin-Alvarez et al. in press - Unraveling the origin of magnetic fields in galaxies.

This work has been featured in various science magazines, especially New Scientist (find the PDF version here) and national newspapers (e.g. Spanish ABC).

Martin-Alvarez et al. 2020 - How primordial magnetic fields shrink galaxies.

This work has been featured in various science magazines, especially New Scientist. You can also find a short summary in this blog post.

Katz & Martin-Alvarez, et al. 2019 - Magnetogenesis at cosmic dawn: tracing the origins of cosmic magnetic fields.

Martin-Alvarez et al. 2018 - A three-phase amplification of the cosmic magnetic field in galaxies.

Find a short summary in this blog post, or a video summary in this video. 

Martin-Alvarez et al. 2017 - On the interplay between cosmological shock waves and their environment.

Other publications I am part of:

Gómez-Guijarro et al. 2019 - Compact Star-forming Galaxies as Old Starbursts Becoming Quiescent.

Chisari et al. 2019 - Modelling baryonic feedback for survey cosmology.


Postdoctoral Researcher at

Institute of Astronomy & Kavli Institute for Cosmology

Churchill College Postdoctoral By-Fellow

University of Cambridge

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