Peer-reviewed publications

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Main publications

Martin-Alvarez et al. in prep - Towards convergence of the turbulent dynamo in cosmological simulations of galaxies.

Martin-Alvarez et al. submitted soon - On the origin of galactic magnetic fields.

Martin-Alvarez et al. 2020 - How primordial magnetic fields shrink galaxies.

This work has been featured in various science magazines, especially New Scientist. You can also find a short summary in this blog post.

Katz & Martin-Alvarez, et al. 2019 - Magnetogenesis at cosmic dawn: tracing the origins of cosmic magnetic fields.

Martin-Alvarez et al. 2018 - A three-phase amplification of the cosmic magnetic field in galaxies.

Find a short summary in this blog post, or a video summary in this video. 

Martin-Alvarez et al. 2017 - On the interplay between cosmological shock waves and their environment.

Other publications

Gómez-Guijarro et al. 2019 - Compact Star-forming Galaxies as Old Starbursts Becoming Quiescent.

Chisari et al. 2019 - Modelling baryonic feedback for survey cosmology.


Postdoctoral Researcher at

Institute of Astronomy & Kavli Institute for Cosmology

Churchill College Postdoctoral By-Fellow

University of Cambridge

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